Achieve Apex Performance with Breakaway Athletic Development


Sports-Specific Training for the Elite Athlete That Is Laser-Focused on Your Needs.

Whatever age you are and whatever sport you play – football, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, hockey, swimming, cycling, tennis, track – you can achieve apex performance with training that specifically targets your areas of focus.

Through Breakaway Athletic Development, we help athletes like you perform at their peak by planning each training session specifically for your needs. We work in partnership with your coaches to identify areas of focus and provide training that will help you improve your performance every time you take the field.

Strength Training

Athletes become bigger, faster, and stronger through strength training. But being taught to use the correct technique is very important when athletes begin strength training, and unfortunately in crowded team settings and weight rooms, proper technique is often overlooked. Young athletes can seriously injure themselves by lifting weights incorrectly, so having the proper training in lifts such as cleans, jerks, snatch, and squats is essential.

Speed Training

Explosive power, acceleration, and maintaining top speed is essential for athletes in any sport. Understanding and maximizing optimum stride length, knee drive, and upper body mechanics must be second nature for an athlete who hopes to achieve peak performance.

We start with the basics of speed mechanics: start or take off, acceleration phase, top end speed maintenance, and proper running form. We focus on how arm swing helps leg turnover, how proper posture helps maintain top speed, and how subtle differences in the foot strike can affect whether an athlete is accelerating or decelerating during a run. We help athletes of all ages and abilities, from beginner athletes to the elite levels.