Here’s What Current and Past Clients Have to Say



Dozens of Breakaway athletes have gone on to play at top colleges and even in the pros, including the following:

Sophia Spinell, Miami University, Barrington High School (Soccer)

“Kevin has known me for so long and he knows what kind of person I am. He knows that I like to be pushed, and he knows specifically what I need to work on because he knows me as a player and a person. And his training is always soccer-specific – we work a lot on building my muscles so I can create separation from another player in the first 10 yards when I have the ball. I can feel that training pay off when I’m one v. one in a game.”

Rob McDonnell, Los Angeles Dodgers, University of Illinois (Baseball)

“Kevin has been able to push me to my fitness limits while incorporating baseball-specific workouts that are tailored to my needs as an athlete. It is crucial to incorporate specific activities for certain athletes in order to take them to the next level. Kevin has taught me what it takes to achieve my goals both in and out of the weight room – he is a very fun and relaxed trainer who does a great job of motivating and pushing me during a workout.”

Samantha Schmitz, Harvard University, Barrington High School (Soccer)

“I have trained with Kevin for many years. He continually pushes me to be my best as a goalkeeper and an athlete. He also supervised my rehab during two knee surgeries, helping me to get back onto the field much faster than I would have otherwise. Kevin is tough, but his toughness helps his athletes be the very best.”

Addi Coy, Yale University, Culver Academy (Track & Field)

“Kevin knows how far you can go more than you do. When I think it’s too much he’ll push me a little further than I would push myself. You get better by pushing yourself further than you think you can go. I was really ready for that on the first day of track from all the work with him throughout the winter.”

Hayley Eissler, North Barrington, Personal Fitness

“Kevin looks at the total person both physically and emotionally. He pushes you further than you think you can go and brings out your inner athlete. He is very educated on all aspects of training and fitness and knows how to create the most effective workout for your needs. Most of all, he’s supportive yet firm, and he’s compassionate, loyal, honest and open. He’s the trainer everyone wishes they could have.”

Andrea Renner, Northeastern University, Saint Viator High School (Hockey)

“Kevin encourages me to be my best every day and to give 100% in everything I do. He has always supported me and understood my goals as a hockey player – to train at an Olympic and college level. He is enthusiastic and helps me achieve my goals. I have great trust in Kevin – he is motivating and wants the best for his clients. He understands what you want to accomplish and helps you accomplish it.”

Lauren Caffe, Bowdoin College, Barrington High School (Soccer)

“Since I’ve started training with Kevin, he’s helped me so much with being coordinated and balanced, which helps a lot with being a defender in soccer. He’s also taught me how to use that balance to help me run better and faster. Overall, I’ve seen a big difference in my soccer and running coordination because of him!”

Mike Sahli, Carroll University, Fremd High School (Football)

“I have trained with Kevin as an athlete since 2008 and have also worked for him as an intern since 2013. He has taught me how to be athletic and how to transfer it to the game, and he has taught me how to be physically and mentally tough. All the lessons I’ve learned as an athlete and employee have transferred to my graduate work in physical therapy. I’m forever in his debt for what he has instilled in me. I would recommend Kevin as a trainer to athletes at any level who want to DOMINATE in their sport. To those not in athletics, Kevin is also an expert in helping people reach any and all of their fitness goals.”

Patty Dowd Schmitz, Barrington, Personal Fitness

“Kevin changed the fitness game for me. I had never worked out regularly before and I was on a journey to lose more than 80 pounds of mid-life weight. Kevin taught me how to tap into my inner athlete, which I never even knew I had! He planned all my workouts, ramping up the intensity as I got better, and he pushed me but in such a positive way. Every time I got stuck, Kevin would motivate me to continue on the path and would help me reach the next level. I reached my goal of losing 86 pounds in one year, and Kevin made it possible for me. He’s more than a trainer – he’s someone who truly cares about the people he works with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Ryan Frisbie, FCX Soccer Goalkeeper Coach, Personal Fitness

“Kevin has helped me develop the FCX goalkeepers’ techniques for jumping and short burst of speed to a high level and helped them work on their jumping, reactions, and footwork. He has really helped develop the goalkeepers physically, and taught them how to deal with their weaknesses, and yet strengthen them at the same time. He understands that the goalkeeper position is a demanding position physically, with the diving, jumping, and collisions you may have with another individual on the field. By keeping them fit and building their strength up, this has really reduced injuries to the goalkeepers.

Personally I began to work out with Kevin on my own fitness after I went to the doctor and told to lose weight or I would become diabetic because of my blood levels. I wanted to see my kids grow up. Kevin implemented a plan that quickly had me lose 25 lbs., and then we just kept going. Each week the intensity increased, the repetitions became easier to recover from, but harder increased pressure to maintain a higher level to keep losing the weight. In June I went back for my 6 month recheck, the doctor had told me that I had done a great job and I was in good health! I owe a lot to Kevin for helping me regulate my diet and exercise to where I am more active and healthier.”

Lisa Trimberger, Personal Fitness

“My spouse and I work out with Kevin on average three times a week, mostly together but also individually. He mixes in a lot of variety during the workouts – it varies from a sled workout to a medicine ball to running stairs to flipping tires and jumps. He is very motivating without being too perky or “rah-rah.” Kevin treats what he does as a profession, not just a job. He really understands the needs and personalities of each of his clients and balances those with pushing them to the next level. Over the two years I have worked with Kevin, I have lost 30 pounds and changed my body shape. I have improved cardio, running, and overall fitness. My spouse has improved coordination. And I now know how to lift and roll a tire properly!”

Dick Spinell, Parent of Sophia Spinell

“As Sophia’s trainer, Kevin tailor-made every one of her training sessions to her as soccer player. We would talk about what she needed at a specific time and he would work on that with her. He would come out and watch her play and take notes – there was a lot of collaboration. When you get to this level in a sport it’s the little things that make the difference, and that’s where Kevin shines. He is really good at teaching her the techniques on how to run – how she should stand, how to take the first step – all of the little things that give athletes the edge.”

Susan Jensen, Barrington Hills, Personal Fitness

“My son is a baseball player and has been training with Kevin since 2012. Kevin has been working with him on his speed, agility, and strength. Over the last couple of years, we have seen great improvement as a direct result of his training. Kevin inspires him to work hard and to train like an athlete. In 2015, I made a New Year’s resolution to become more fit and healthy and got up my courage to go and talk to Kevin. He helped me to set my own personal goals and to begin I kept a food journal for him to review. I have changed my diet and as I have met my fitness goals, Kevin has helped me to reach for new ones. He pushes me to reach new heights and I’m so proud of my progress. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who aspires to reach their potential as an athlete or to others who want to take their health and fitness seriously.”