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personal training

Personal Training for all levels and ages

If you’re a fitness beginner or if you’ve been working out on your own for years but aren’t getting the results you want, here’s why personal training is the right choice over simply going to the gym on your own a couple of times a week.


Let’s face it, you’re busy and you want results fast. But when you go to the gym, you have to do it all on your own and make a thousand little decisions each time. What weights to use? How many situps to do? Your workouts get routine and boring, and the results just don’t happen.


At Breakaway, you make one decision – to show up for your session. We do the rest. We personally plan your workouts, set all the equipment, and tell you exactly how many reps to do. We vary the training sessions to work all the muscle groups and make sure your body responds appropriately. We ramp things up when you’re doing well and dial it back when you’re having an off day. We motivate you, push you, and celebrate your successes.


It’s our job to make sure you get the results you’re looking for – and it’s your job to simply showup.


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